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Welcome To The Website Of...........
Specialists In Data Storage Solutions For Video and Creatives...........
are you video editor?
• Need more video streams? Need more speed?

• Tape-less workflow concerns? Having backup and archiving issues?

• Fed up of dealing with loads of drives, PSUs and cables?

• Looking to edit or colour correct un-compressed HD, 2K or even 4K footage for the first time?
We Have The Ideal Data Storage Solutions for Digital Photography...........
are you a photographer?
• Hearing about different types of "flash" that aren't a bright light?

• Worried that you keep forgetting to backup or archive your work?

• Not sure what storage technologies will survive hostile environments and shoots?

• Find your drives slow you down when editing your ever increasingly large files?
Experts In Data Storage Solutions For Music / Audio Production...........
are you a musician or music producer?
• System keep running out of tracks?

• Samples streaming from disk too slow to play real-time?

• Existing drives too noisy to record in the same room?

• Risking tracks and takes that are not backed up and protected?
Why Rentaraid..........?
we have the:
knowledge - we know and understand the systems & terminology our customers use so we can give them our best advice.

experience - we have been successfully operating and growing for over 7 years with key staff having over 20 years experience.

customer service - we really value our customers and are proud that most of our business is gained either from repeat customers or their recommendations to friends and colleagues!
We Have The Data Storage Solutions To Help You Teach...........
are you an educational department?
• Need to share your class files and folders so your students can access them from home or abroad?

• Are much of your teaching resources now virtual and need to be kept protected and safe?

• Do you need a storage area for your class to "collaborate" their work and assignments from?

"Sorry Sir - my dog ate my hard drive" - Have systems in place so you don't have to trust your students to keep their work safe!
Improve Your Existing Storage Systems and Workflows...........
are you a post production house?
• Is your existing system creaking under new workflow pressures and formats?

• Adding new creative departments or workstations and want to integrate them all together more efficiently?

• Having to physically move material and drives from room to room only to find you are have different material and edits in each of departments or workstations?

• Let us help you work "clever by working together!"
Protect Your Digital Assets...........
be aware!
• "90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years of the disaster.'
Source: London Chamber of Commerce

• Is your data safe if your employees work from home?

• How safe are your systems and are your digital assets from getting in to the hands of your competitors?

• What happens if you have a fire, theft or flood or worse? Are you protected?

Complete 4K D.I.T Package - an example of what we can configure.
1) 64.0 TB RAID Array Included:
Tried and Tested, Expandable, Reliable & Ultrafast 64.0 TB 16-bay RAID Array with Redundant PSUs.

2) LTO-6 Tape Mechanism Included:
Archive easily by Dragging and Dropping Files on to Tape with LTFS straight from your Desktop. 2.5TB native capacity per tape, 30 year archival life. Performance up to 500GB/hr uncompressed.

3) Comprehensive Memory Card Reader Included (Sonnet QIO MR):
Support for Sony® SxS; Panasonic® P2; CompactFlash; SDHC and SDXC cards (with included adapter).

4) Space for another two PCIe Card Included:
2 x spare PCIe slot still available for additional cards such as a multiport 10GBe Network, eSATA or Red Recket / Red Rocket-X cards.

5) All this in just 5u:
Connects to your Mac with just one Thunderbolt Cable (included)!
Complete 4K D.I.T Package - 64.0 TB Includes:
1 x ProAvio IS316JS 6Gb/s SAS-to-SAS/SATA 16-Disk Expandable JBOD Storage System (Dual Redundant PSUs)
16 x matched 4.0TB Desktop Edition Mechanisms
1 x ATTO R680 - 8-External Port SAS/SATA PCIe2.0 x8 RAID Adapter Card

1 x Sonnet Echo Express III-R Rackmount Thunderbolt 2 Expansion Chassis
1 x Sonnet Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit
1 x Sonnet QIO MR high-speed, universal media reader/writer (Thunderbolt Edition)

1 x Tandberg LTO-6 Internal SAS Mechanism
Internal and External Cables included

Free Telephone Installation and Unlimited Off-Site Technical Support
Delivery to UK Mainland
D.I.T package price to buy : £ 8,329.00 (£ 9,994.80 inc VAT)

Selection of our Clearance Bargains
Our buying power coupled with our knowledge of the best data storage solutions people actually want and need means we can offer our customers some truly remarkable and useful bargains.
Areca ARC-8050T2 - 24.0 TB
Thunderbolt 2 to 6Gb/s SAS Desktop RAID (8 x 3.0TB Drives Fitted)
While Stocks Last : 1995.95
CalDigit Thunderbolt Station
List Price : 149.00
While Stocks Last : 134.95
Areca ARC-8050 - 32.0 TB
Thunderbolt to 6Gb/s SAS Desktop RAID (8 x 4.0TB Drives Fitted)
List Price : 2399.95
While Stocks Last : 1799.95
Areca ARC-8050 - 24.0 TB
8 bay Thunderbolt to 6Gb/s Desktop RAID (8 x 3.0TB Drives Fitted)
While Stocks Last : 1599.95
Areca ARC-5026 - 16.0 TB
Small, Fast Thunderbolt & USB3.0 Desktop RAID (4 x 4.0TB Drives Fitted)
While Stocks Last : 1289.95
Areca ARC-8050 - 16.0 TB
Thunderbolt to 6Gb/s SAS Desktop RAID (8 x 2.0TB Drives Inc)
While Stocks Last : 1439.95
Areca ARC-5026 - 12.0 TB
Small, Fast Thunderbolt & USB3.0 Desktop RAID (4 x 3.0TB Drives Fitted)
While Stocks Last : 994.95
Enhance-Tech E500FR - 10.0 TB
5 bay Hardware RAID / JBOD with eSATA, USB3.0 & FW800 (5 x 2.0TB Drives Fitted)
List Price : 1028.00
While Stocks Last : 859.95
ProAvio DS316F8 - Single Controller - 64.0 TB
(16 x 4.0 TB Standard SATA)
Ultra-fast 4-port 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN Array
While Stocks Last : 7750.00
These are just a small selection from our Clearance Bargains section. Please click here to see many more fantastic offers!

Advertised drive capacities are the total unformatted amount. Prices above are ex VAT unless shown.
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Deal of the Week!
Areca ARC-8050 - 32.0 TB
Thunderbolt to 6Gb/s SAS Desktop RAID (8 x 4.0TB Drives Fitted)
List Price : 2399.95
While Stocks Last : 1799.95
Only One left in Stock.

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Recent Testimonials:
"Just thought I'd let you know that I am simply AMAZED at how fast this system is with the Areca.

It's the fastest AViD I've ever worked on - including full desktop with Unity!"
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me out over the past two days.

If our paths ever cross, I owe you quite a few beers!"
"Thank you very much for your excellent personal service yesterday .

In my experience 99% of companies would not have been able to offer this fast track help."
"Our DaVinci Resolve colour grading workstation runs flawlessly with the RAID delivered by Rent-a-Raid."
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